We assure the quality of your concrete

Since 31 years we have been working as specialist for balances for building materials

mainly in the European ready-mixed concrete industrie.

We execute maintenance and repair work for all kinds of balances for building materials,

we accomplish reconstruction work from mechanical to electronic DMS-load cells

and we repair analog and as well as digital indicating instruments.

We provide for you the calibration certificates according to

BB - MPA - KIWA - KOMO - BENOR , etc

Since 30 years we have been presenting balances for building materials to official calibration.


we deliver

special steel admixture balances

nickel-plated admixture pumps

nonreturn valves made of polypropylene

electropneumatic ball valves

electropneumatic compressiom valves

special steel DMS load cells appropiate for verification

moisture meters


als well as

WAM-cement crew conveyors

WAM-rotary gate valves

WAM-balance flaps

WAM-dosing seals

WAM-beaters and vibrators

WAM-silo dust filters and mixer filters


Our reference list






and many other small to medium-sized concrete manufacturers

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